Student Books – Emergent

In the Emergent reading levels (1–5) students read for meaning while attending to directionality, word-to-word matching, reading known words and locating new words. They begin to pay close attention to print, noticing many features of words and letters.

Levels 1-5

Level 1

Look at Me At the Zoo Circus Face Painting Big & Small Chairs My Toys Playing Outside Flowers Stripes

Level 2

My Fish Bowl Balls My Dinner Making Music Painting My Hats We Go Shopping In My Family At the Aquarium Soft and Hard

Level 3

Sniffs Hamburger My Dog Milk Shake Helping in the the Garden Cats Big Brother Water Moves Tails Leaves

Level 4

In the Ocean Making Pizza In a Cold Cold Place Follow Me The Goat Dinosaurs Favourite Places Pets Using Rocks When I was Sick

Level 5

Riding My Bike The Best Pizza in the World Shut the Gate Sebastian Learns to Fly The Pond Signs One Step, Two Steps Our Favourite Food Ice and Snow Hurry Up!
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